Serving a Legacy Since 1911

The Origin

About Keventers Darjeeling

Around 1889 The British Government, on their journey to revolutionize India, appointed Mr. Edwards Keventer, a Swedish dairy entrepreneur and technologist, to modernize the Indian Dairy Industry. Mr. Edwards Keventer started by acquiring the floundering Aligarh Dairy in the United Provinces in 1894.

Realizing the potential in 1925, Mr. Edwards Keventer established another dairy farm in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, India, after discovering success and profitability in revitalizing the dairy. By the decade’s end, Keventer had set up eponymous plants in Delhi, Aligarh, Calcutta, and Darjeeling.

Industrialist Ram Krishna Dalmia acquired the Keventer brand in 1940 after Mr. Edwards Keventer died in 1937. Mr. Dalmia then diversified the company’s product line by making powdered milk, condensed milk, milkshakes, and ice cream. As the Indian Government expanded its diplomatic enclave in Chanakyapuri in the 1970s, Keventer’s primary plant had to close. After this, Dalmia lost interest in the Keventer’s brand, focusing on other business concerns. Its remaining distributors still ran a few Keventer’s outlets.

How Kenventer’s found a Home in the foothills of the Himalayas?

During the 1900s, Darjeeling was already a favorite summer retreat for the Britishers who wanted to escape the scorching heat of mainland India and recuperate from illness or battle fatigue. Along with Tea, Railways & Architecture, the Britishers brought their tradition, food & culture. In 1911 Mr. Edwards Keventers set up a cozy corner restaurant in this small hill station offering more than just milk products. Keventer’s Darjeeling boasted a classic English Breakfast with exclusive premium Darjeeling Tea, making it a must-go for the elites who came to Darjeeling.

The Transition

After the demise of Mr. Edwards Keventers in 1937, the Brand was acquired by the Shahs of Nepal. After the Independence of India, the Indian Government expanded its diplomatic enclave in 1970; soon after that, The Shahs of Nepal passed on the Brand to The Jha Family.

At the time, a young man, Mr. Jha, worked as a restaurant manager. With his love for the place, sheer determination, and hard work, Mr. Jha bought the restaurant from the Shahs and took over the restaurant in the 1970s.

For three generations now, the family has served and preserved the culture of the restaurant and thrived further.

The Keventer's Brands

During the transition after the death of Mr. Edward Keventer’s and the Indian Independence, the Brand Keventer’s and all its outlets were acquired by Mr. Ram Krishna Dalmia, except for the outlet in Darjeeling, which was acquired by the Shahs of Nepal and then passed on the The Jha Family.


Keventer’s brands under Mr. Ram Krishna Dalmia focused on carrying on with milk products like a milkshake. While Keventer’s Darjeeling strayed away from the classic milkshake shop to an English Breakfast restaurant to preserve the traditional colonial charm. It mainly specializes in exquisite Darjeeling Tea and products like Ham, Bacon, Sausages, and more, all made from locally grown produce.